You had this coming

High Life gets angry at two extremely bitchy, outrageously large women.





Happy April Fools Day!

Have you ever wondered what happens when April Fools pranks go awry? Well I would imagine it's something like this.


Eat Me!

A good friend of ours here at JWL, has produced and directed what is being called a, “Stoner Zombie-Com” and it is fucking hilarious.  The movie, “Eat Me!” is directed by Brooklyn’s own Katie Carman, is everything you need in a classic zombie film and then some.  Drugs, Rock n Roll and a little bit of carnage is truly the trifecta of hilarity that ensues in “Eat Me!”. This movie has gotten rave reviews at both and and rightly so.  March 22, 2011 marks the US release of “Eat Me!” at and

The producers of “Eat Me!” are pleased to announce that this unique zombie stoner comedy will be available on DVD and streaming through online retailer Indieflix starting Tuesday March 22nd, 2011, with Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, etc. to follow. Indieflix will be handling all territories excluding Japan, which is already being handled by Japan Video Distribution’s label “Deep Red.”

The directorial debut of Katie Carman, “Eat Me!” was written by Elizabeth Lee and produced by Cold Hands Productions LLC in collaboration with Spinning Hexagon.

Synopsis: Garage band General Malacarne are practicing their latest set when a mysterious blackout hits Brooklyn. While the band kicks back with some joints in their basement practice space, everyone above ground is transformed into ravenous zombies. Hilarious complications arise as the band realizes their predicament, and embarks on a half-baked scheme to escape the city to the imagined safety of Long Island.

Richard P. Rubinstein, producer of George Romero’s original 1978 “Dawn of the Dead” says “Eat Me!” is a “very well done spoof in the tradition of “Shaun of the Dead”…” and he’s admittedly “really picky about zombie movies.”


You NEED to see this movie or you will be strongly judged as a person who doesn’t like happiness, good movies or anything that doesn’t suck.  It’s your funeral.  Then your brains.



R.I.P. Nate Dogg

We were all saddened to hear about the untimely passing of the incomparable Nate Dogg. So in honor of the godfather for G-Funk, we present out Top 5 Favorite Nate Dogg tracks. You're already missed, sir.

5. Lay Low: with Snoop Dogg, Master P, Butch Cassidy, & The Eastsidaz: A highly underrated Snoog/Nate collabo.

4. The Next Episode: with Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, & Kurupt: SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY!

3. Oh No: with Mos Def & Pharoahe Monch: Nate shows his appreciation for the underground

2. Ain't No Fun (If The Homies Can't Have None): with Snoop Dogg: The quintessential G-Funk track

1. Regulate: with Warren G: THE Nate Dogg track

Nate Dogg appeared on so many classic tracks and his collaborations read like a who's who of hip hop greats. It was hard to narrow the list down to 5 so feel free to share any favorites.


Nathaniel "Nate Dogg" Hale

August 19, 1969 – March 15, 2011



After reading all the submissions we have chosen a winner!

Neveen Abdalla came up with this little gem of a caption and she will be truly rewarded:

Yoshi was good at his job, but he was sad. He stood very still, wondering what happened to his life, and praying for that fateful day that curtain rods would be invented and he could once again be free. - Neveen

Bloody fucking brilliant, if you ask me.

The runner-up is from the ever-brilliant Matt half of the WonderBros duo:

If you have not been to or took a look at their shop on Etsy, you are an idiot and you need to rectify this immediately and make a few purchases.

Thank you to everyone that submitted and if you didn't win, we will be having another contest soon.  Jack is in the process of changing apartments so his contributions may be spotty for the next week and a half until he gets set up.  I guess it's up to me to bring the funny.

Word of advice: don't hold your breath.

Thanks again to everyone that submitted captions!  Good luck next time, losers.


Let's do this!

Come on, people.  You are running out of time to do something impressive.  Something ground-breaking.  Something that could bring peace to the Middle East!!!

Send us your funniest captions for this picture and win some free shit!  You know you want to.  You don't even have to take time to register for our site because I know you are all lazy fuckers.

Do eet!


Caption Contest

In the spirit of giving and taking your funny and using it as our own, we are holding a caption contest.  Say something pithy, clever, funny and do it better than someone else and we will send you some SWAG via the 'ol USPS.  They could use the business and you could use our crap.  To shove up your ass or bury with your dead grandmother.  Whatever blows your hair back.

We'll announce the winner on Super Bowl Sunday!  You can celebrate your win here and Bret Favre's suicide since he will off himself when Green Bay wins.

Share this link with your friends and loved ones so word gets around.  DO it.


Edit: We already have our first submission! Top this one from Wonderbros Matt!